Thursday, April 24, 2014

Juan Pablo and The Spiral of Silence

Spiral of Silence is concerned with the majority versus the minority opinion, and states people’s willingness to expressing their opinion if they feel they fit in with the minority. If they feel as though they belong with the minority, they will be less likely to strongly state their opinion in fear of isolation from the majority.

For our case study, we focused on “The Bachelor” and how they depicted the main character, Juan Pablo. At first, he was portrayed as the “ideal man”. As the show progressed, however, his image shifted to being more of a manipulative, sex driven man. This happened likely as a result of the producers illuminating the poor situations in which Juan Pablo created for himself.  In doing so, they created a new majority fan base in which Juan Pablo was cast as a bad man. This then allowed for producers to silence the minority opinion (those who thought he was a good man), in order to let the majority opinion (those who didn’t like him) stand out. People became less likely to vocalize their opinion of Juan Pablo being a good man, and more likely to let others know how poorly they thought of him.

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