Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gatekeeping Case Study

This article is suggesting the Olympic Games are the driving forces in the world-wide research and development of technology, especially wireless technology. The changes in technology and the desire to provide better coverage. The author theorizes that more sophisticated technology is in high demand during the Olympic Games because of the potential audience size. As far at the "gatekeeping" goes, the author’s theory is that the continual development of electronic communication now necessitates a fundamental change to the traditional gatekeeping model.  What this means is that today, at every level, when information is received by an individual, that information is frequently interpreted, distorted, and even changed, before being sent off to someone else, with the sending individual's own personal biases and beliefs, coloring that communication for the next person. The Olympic games are a huge global market in terms of audience and the ability to reach millions of people. The new model should provide space for continuous change as technology changes. Updating the model has a theoretical importance, meaning to help understand media and the connection to an audience. As well as practical purposes to help in the decision making process and for the future coverage for global media industries.

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