Thursday, April 24, 2014

Domestication: The Evolution of the Television

The Domestication Theory is a study of the relationship between technology and society, as well as how technologies are fully adapted into households.  Users adapt to the technologies that integrate into their lives; their responses to these technologies transforms the next generation of electronics.

Arguably the most successful example of technology is the television.  It has gone from being a luxury item to a centerpiece of the modern living room.  In fact, multiple rooms in a household will often feature a television.  A recent evolving of the television is the adaptation into smart TVs, which include apps and other internet-based features.  These apps connect users to streaming music and television shows while using the internet and social media sites. 

In a sense, the television is transforming into a wide-screen smart phone that has been tamed into an important object within the modern American household.

The Evolution of TV

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