Thursday, April 17, 2014

Diffusion of Innovation: iPad

Apple’s iPad product best exemplifies the validity of Roger’s four key elements in the Diffusion of Innovation theory. The four main factors that assist in the circulation of new innovation and ideas are as followed: The innovation itself, available communication channels, time and social system. At an early stage of the iPad’s advertising campaign Apple began addressing these four elements. Long before the release of an actual tangible product, Apple readily used available communication channels (print, social networking…) to inform the targeted social system (the American public) of its latest innovation: the iPad. This four year time frame prior to the products launch date allowed for the intended audience to easily accept this promised and unseen product. Apple’s strong brand label was repeatedly emphasized in order to reassure the public of the iPad’s credibility. This early advertising created a large number of early adopters. Apple’s excellent exposure and use of the available communication channels has allowed for the iPad to receive vast success, resulting in a rapid and prolong pace of diffusion. The acceptance of the innovation by the American public has given the iPad an opportunity to seaminglessly integrated itself into our social system.

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