Thursday, April 3, 2014

Domestication Theory

Domestication Theory describes the process by which technology adapts into households and social settings.  It explores the relationships between technologies and culture.  While technology is integrated into a household and a user's day-to-day life, users also adapt and change with the technology.  The users actively help to shape the next generation of technologies produced over time.

This "Success Kid" meme is a good example of the audience's interactions with new Apple products.  Apple has a history of closely monitoring its users response to their technology and adapting its products to their preferences.  Success Kid complains about the weight of the Apple iPad, a product that is now a huge part of many American households and family units, and it does not take long for Apple to take note of its users complaints about the weight of the technology and create the iPad Air.  Success Kid (and many other users) is happy with the change and Apple maintains its business.  The iPad is being further domesticated into the American household.

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