Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome to COMM 350

Welcome to COMM 350! This course explores different theories of mediated communication processes, their effects, and schools of theory to consider the influence and roles they play in social science research on media and mediated processes. This blog will host content related to the Group Theory Research Project which is part of this course. Students will work in groups to investigate a specific theory and its application.

 As part of the presentation component groups will create meme that offers clear synthesis of theory they are studying to be posted to class blog by 5pm on day of their scheduled presentation with 100 word explaining how it connect or summarizes the theory’s meaning.

For the case study each group will post a 100-200 word summary of their group report. This should include an illustration of chose case study and relevant hyperlinks to sources or examples. It must be posted to class blog by 5pm on day of the presentation.

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